Life Enhancement Services – LESDC, LESMD, LESTX

About Us

Life Enhancement Services began serving the community in 2011. Our mission to serve and enhance the lives of individuals families grow stronger by our commitment to build communities that may be underserved or underappreciated. We continue to be a leading force in the communities in our efforts to impact lives. In 2020 we became national recognized with our CARF certification adhering to rigorous standards to be the best in class company.

Life Enhancement Services 2024 Strategic Objective

1. Continue to build on community relationships partnering with various schools and community organizations.
2. Adapt to the new normal while maintaining sufficient staffing levels at headquarters.
3. Increase Consumer feedback loop mechanisms.
4. Recruit, train, and establish self sufficient community support workers that will make a positive impact in the communities we serve.
5. Enhance the intake process working with the clinical and operations team to provide outstanding customer service.
6. Increase continuing education and licensing for the clinical staff.

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