Life Enhancement Services – LESDC, LESMD, LESTX, LESDTX

Our Team

In addition to our Leadership team we have a dedicated team of Community Support Workers, CBI and TIP Workers, Clinical Managers, and Licensed Therapists.

Leadership and Directors

Herb A. Gray, CEO/Owner
Brian Harge, CFO
Darren Haley, Senior Vice President
Lachan Isaac, Human Resources Director
Dr. Atlener Artis-Trower, Medical Director
Allison Greene, LPC, Clinical Director
Cortney Stewart, Director of Operations
Chauncey Blair, Director Communications and Marketing


Shirley Harris, Office Manager
Janelle Burgess, LPC, Clinical Manager
Larry Jones, LPC, Clinical Manager
Renee Jones, LPC, Clinical Manager
Toni Session, Clinical Manager
Sherrice Wise, Intake Manager
Vivian Clarke, LICSW, Clinical Manager
Alanna Hay-Thomas, LICSW, Clinical Manager
Robyn Meredith,LICSW, Clinical Manager
Chester Marshall, LICSW, Clinical Manager


Kaneisha Howard, Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Coordinator
Louis Sweeney, Training Coordinator

Medical Team

Nikki Ukwanda, Nurse Practitioner
Toyin Omola, Nurse Practitioner
Blessing Anabaraonye, Nurse Practitioner
Lia Rodriquez, Medical Assistant
Chinyere Adibe, Nurse Practitioner

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